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Special Report shows you how to make adult films, movies and videos safely, legally and profitably.  Learn the in's and out's of making porn videos and the adult film business:

How to make Adult Films, Movies & Videos safely and legally!  

Don't even think about going into the adult video and movie making business without reading this special report.  It is just too dangerous!

Keep reading to receive free info on how to get into the business of filming adult movies and videos

To hear a Special Recorded Message which explains how to get into the 
Adult Filmmaking Business

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From: Anthony Comparetto, Esq.
Thursday, 10:33 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Did you know that over 50% of the adult movies sold today are being made by regular, amateur people like yourself.

That's right the adult film industry is the last place that a regular, normal person can go in and compete with the big boys and make money.  Amateur and home grown films are one of the fastest growing segments of the adult film making market.  I am sure that you have seen late night television and the hundreds of commercials advertising girls getting naked and flashing at spring break, Mardi Gras, and other party events.   Well guess how these adult filmmakers got into the business.  The grabbed their camcorders, started filming and now are worth big bucks. 

Well that was the good news now let me give you the bad...most people going into the adult industry and adult movie making are putting themselves at risk by not understanding and complying with the law.   Don't be one of these people putting your life, liberty, freedom and hard earned money at risk.  As an adult filmmaking attorney I have represented hundreds of companies and individuals who have successfully entered the adult industry. I will tell you straight need to be informed on what the law is and how to not run afoul of the complex Federal and State laws, regulations, rules and ordinances.

If you are thinking about filming an adult movie or adult content you need to know how to protect yourself before you take step one foot into this industry.  Keep reading on how to start, grow and protect yourself and your adult movie business.

Hear What "The Pro's in the Adult Biz are saying about the adult filmmaking course...Learn How They Did It... Straight From The Horse's Mouth!"

"The Adult Business is fun but 
there are rules...."

-Listen to what Mike South two time AVN adult video award winner and 10 year adult producer says about the adult filmmaking course.

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"Hear What Adult Models Are Saying...."

-Listen to what Angela Starr, a veteran adult model and actress, says about the adult filmmaking course and working with people who use the course.

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"Here is our first free tip"

You Can Start Your Adult Movie Making Business For Very Little Money, And Even Part Time.

We all know that the adult film industry is an exciting, glamorous, fun and profitable business.  Clients of mine will tell you that it is a hard business....but that  they love working with beautiful men and women day in and day out.   But lets look at the financial side of the adult industry...Take for instance the New York Times Magazine: It ran a cover story on May 18 called "Naked Capitalists: There's No Business Like Porn Business." Its says that: Pornography is big business--with $10 billion to $14 billion in annual sales. The author, Frank Rich, suggests that pornography is bigger than any of the major league sports, perhaps bigger than Hollywood. Porn is "no longer a sideshow to the is the mainstream," he says

The Adult Video Business: What Is It Worth?
Adult Video $500 million to $1.8 billion
Internet $1 billion
Pay-Per-View $128 million
Magazines $1 billion
Total $2.6 billion to $3.9 billion
Sources: Adams Media Research, Forrester Research, Veronis Suhler Communications Industry Report, IVD

So how can you get in on the adult filmmaking scene....How can you wake up every day and film beautiful men and women and get paid for it?

Well hold on you need to know certain things before you grab your camcorder, book a beautiful blonde model and start filming because....

"Here is our second free tip"


We all should know this is a risky business. If you enter this business and think that the risk is minimal you are in for a horrible, painful and life shattering surprise. 

A lot of people have heard about the enormous profits that adult movies and content can make and say, "I want to get on that bandwagon". So they go out, grab a digital camcorder and start filming.  The have no clue of the peril they are putting themselves in. Most new people in this industry and even people who have been at it awhile have underestimated the risk of this business.

(While you are having fun and making money with your adult films)

O.K. You have decided to get into the adult movie making and content business.  You have heard about the obscene and tremendous profits that people are making.  You believe that you can shoot and direct an adult films, make some extra money and have some fun doing it.  

Well you are absolutely right?  If your movie turns out to be a hit you can make tremendous profits.  But, if you do not know about the Federal and State laws that you have to comply with you could be arrested and go to jail.  Game Over

Let me tell you some of the things you absolutely need to know to get into this business.  I will also tell you about the laws that you absolutely have to comply with. 

So what are some of the laws that you absolutely have to know and comply with?

  • 18 U.S.C. 2257:  The Federal Adult Disclosure and Labeling law;

  • The Obscenity laws;  (Both State and Federal)

  • The D.M.C.A.  Digital Millennium Copyright Act

  • The regular copyright laws;

  • Licensing laws;

  • Trademark laws;

  • Laws of Publicity and Entertainment law;

  • A host of state regulations and laws.

Now these are not the only laws and regulations you need to comply with but I wanted to give you a flavor for the type of business you are getting into.  Now does this mean that you cannot get into this business.  

Of course not, you just need a cost effective way of protecting yourself until you can start making money and hire the meanest Philadelphia attorney you can afford to protect you and your adult film empire.  

So Here Are Your Options on how to protect yourself:

1. You can fold up shop and not get into the industry (Not a good option)

2. You can do nothing and hope someone else gets arrested first (Again, not a good option)

3. You can go on the Internet and read as much as possible (beats doing nothing)

4. You can hire your family attorney and pay him to get up to speed (Difficult and you are paying him to learn! VERY EXPENSIVE)

5. You can hire a great attorney, pay him what he is worth and make sure that he protects you and your adult film business. (The best option but will be VERY EXPENSIVE)

6. You can receive our inexpensive easy to use information today with our step-by-step guides and checklist in easy to use formats.  (And start filming, making money and having fun today...or at least tomorrow:

We will give you everything you need to get started in the adult movie making business....Here is what you will receive... 

1.   Adult Filmmaking Quick Start:  We know most people want to get a quick start in this business.  We start you off fast with our Adult film orientation teleconferences.  This is where you hear direct from the horses mouth how to quick start  your adult filmmaking business.  You will hear real people telling you how to get into the business fast...

2. Step by step legal guides on complying with Federal and State laws so that you can start and safely make profitable adult movies and content.  

3.  Exclusive video library of attorneys and legal experts explaining adult industry laws.  That's will get to see and hear actual adult industry attorneys and legal experts telling you how to stay absolutely safe in this business. Remember this is a profitable but very, very risky business.   

4.  Every legal form you need to make your adult movie.  These legal forms are specifically designed to help you make your adult movie and content and are ready to use.  These forms also have been drafted by actual adult industry attorneys so that you can start using them today.

5.  A Step-by-Step guide to starting and making adult movies and content. That is right you can use this list to start your first movie today and be LEGAL.  We also have other Step by Step guides  to solve and handle other issues in the adult film business.

6.  Chat with actual adult industry attorneys.  If you have a question or concern you can get actual questions answered.....all included in the fee....Wow.

7.  Legal questions bulletin boards for legal help and your everyday legal issues.  These questions are answered by attorneys who pay to become members.  They will normally answer your simple questions hoping that you will use their services for more complex legal matters.

8.  We have an Exclusive obscenity checklist to use in your business.  This alone is worth the price of the membership.  This obscenity checklist helps you make decisions on how to make your pictures and videos so that you can stay out of jail.

9.  Discounts on legal services from licensed attorneys.  If you think regular attorneys are expensive you will not believe what attorneys in the adult business charge.  We have made a deal with some of these attorneys that they will give member discounts.....Some people have purchased our system just to get this discount on attorneys fees.   

10.  Monthly insider newsletter that explains current legal issues.  Each month you can stay abreast of legal issues in the adult entertainment industry.  Did you know right now there are major cases before the Supreme Court that could affect your business.  With our information you will be the first to know so that you can stay safe.

11.  How to market your movies.  We have step by step guides on how to market profitably your movies.  With our info you can even make profitable movies on your home camcorder!


How to find the Girls and Guys for your 
adult films and videos.

I will give you our next free tip...they are actresses or actors.  We show you how to find them and how much to pay and how to keep them coming back to work for you again and again.  There are actually thousands of beautiful adult models looking to work and star in adult films all throughout the countryIn fact many adult film makers, who have used our adult filmmaking system, say that becomes the easiest part of the business.  

Let me give you another free tip

Adult models and porn stars only want to deal with professionals in this biz.  If you are just getting into the adult biz and don't have your act together....they will smoke you out and know can't fake it.  

You have to have someone give you the knowledge on how to be a professional in this industry.  Once you get started using our system the word will get around that "you have your act together" and "that you are really a "professional adult film maker"  the girls and guys will be coming to you and asking if they can star  in your adult films.  

Really this is probably your biggest concern at this point in the game...

Yes, our system will show you how to 
find girls and guys to star in your adult films

.  So many people are so scarred of not finding girls or guys to star in their films....and I just laugh....Once you get started and your name gets around they literally show up on your doorstep.  That is where

You’re Probably Worrying: 
Getting In On This Must Cost A Small Fortune.....

This is the (1) one question that we get asked most.  How much does it really cost to get into this business.  Well lets be honest it is not cheap to start an adult filmmaking business.  You can expect to spend $2,500 to $7,500 to make your first film.  Here are some of the expenses you should budget for:

  1. Camera's and equipment:  $500 to $2,500 dollars....

  2. Actresses or Actors for your film average $500 and up..(women cost more men less)

  3. Editing and duplication.  $500 and up for editing.  Duplication varies upon volume...

  4. Legal information and review:  $2,500 and up for this important part of adult filmmaking....

  5. Marketing and distribution.  Varies upon marketing plan.

You can see you have to be ready to spend money in order to be a player in the adult movie making business.   What is great is that l will give you the information you need to start making adult films starting this weekend.  I will INSTANTLY set you up to start making adult films for fun and profit  for less than you are spending on lunch each day this month!

Yes, I’m going to get you up in this incredible business at a ridiculously LOW COST.

The introductory kit on "How to Make Adult Films for Fun and Profit" sells for only $197.00 (plus shipping and handling). 

Why do we sell it for so little?

Again, I have already told you that it is not cheap to get into this business.  We give you an introductory information kit which gives you the basics of this business.  You then have to make a big decision:

Do You Want to Be a Player in This Business?

We give you the initial information at low cost so that you will trusts us and purchase our consulting services to help you make it big and be a player in this biz.  We want you to succeed so that we can make big money.  

 That’s why I’m now getting a flood of orders for it every day over my Website. 

This decision is a "non-decision".

Anyway, think about everything you’re getting FREE, when you invest in  "Make Adult Films for Fun and Profit Toolkit" system:

  • Step-by-Step Instruction.   That's right you will not be alone.  We will walk you through every step of starting your adult movie business.  Big adult film companies pay "adult entertainment attorneys" thousands of dollars for what you are getting FREE with this system.

  • Instant Video Manual.  If you went "outside" to get this you could expect to spend a lot, and I mean a lot more, than Big Mac n; fries money. 

  • FREE: LEGAL BUSINESS STARTER KIT  We have even hired an attorney to explain in step by step detail, (you know those attorney's want to cover every detail) of making adult films.  He will explain the who, what, when, why and how of keeping your butt safe and legal in your new business.

and here is what we give you the most:

Someone on your side to help you take your filmmaking business to that next level

Any way you do the math, this is a ready-to-go business  -- given to you, FREE with our kit.

Of course, there is a "catch".  Remember we told you that we want you to grow this business big so that you can hire us and pay us the big bucks.  So here is the catch:

We only want to deal with people who are serious and who want to be players in this business.  So if you just want to waste time or play at making films.  Do us both a favor and don't order.  If you are serious about enjoying the money, glamour, fun and prestige that an adult filmmaker has and want to be big....Well then we hope to be part of the explosive growth of your filmmaking empire.

So to get the business free, with your "Make Adult Films for Fun and Profit Toolkit" for just $197.00, you do need to act IMMEDIATELY.  (If your order is received too late, after I’ve stopped this offer, your credit card will NOT be charged or your check will be returned un-cashed.)  

What To Do Immediately, While This Incredible,
Is Available.....

It’s simple.   To order, click here and fill out the ACCEPTANCE FORM.  Or mail it with a check or money order to the address at the bottom of the order form.

We’ll immediately rush you your own copy of "Make Adult Films for Fun and Profit Toolkit"  and YOU WILL BE READY TO START FILMING*.  

Think about this.....Within days you can be

Filming beautiful women in an exciting, 
glamorous business in just days!

The entire "Make Adult Films for Fun and Profit Toolkit" tells you everything you need to know.   If you can manage to think of any good reason to pass up this opportunity, I’d like to know about it -- so much so, if you’ll drop me a note explaining why you say "no" to this, I’ll send you a nice "surprise" Free Gift for your trouble.

Act on this now, and you can be on the way to having everything in the world you want --   Order now, and the entire world of opportunity swings its doors wide open for you as you become an adult film entrepreneur .  


P.S.  We will send you the "Adult Filmmaker Toolkit" in plain packaging so that it will be secret and private.  I will tell you that this industry is becoming more and more mainstream everyday as more people come to understand that adult entertainment is not evil or bad.  

You can be one of the next wave of adult film entrepreneurs who reap the exciting benefits that this business can give you.  Also, with our system you can rest easily at night that you have the knowledge of the law to not make stupid mistakes that could cost you big.  

P.P.S.  Here’s a brief, partial sample of some of the important and profitable information included in "Adult Filmmaker Toolkit"

  1. How To find the actresses that will star in your adult movies

  2. How To interview these actresses legally and safely..(we tell you what to say and especially what not to say)

  3. How To Start Small and Grow Big.  Sometimes we have to take baby steps before running.

  4. Exclusive obscenity checklists to help you make your adult films and protect your profits  

  5. How to find safe locations to film your adult movies at.

  6. How To film your movies so that you don't have legal problems later on

  7. The legal forms you will need every time you start the camera rolling. (if you don't have these forms you could be arrested)

  8. How To market and make money off of your movies.  (making adult films is fun...selling them is even better)

  9. How To Stay Safe and Legal in the adult movie business. The RIGHT Way is the only way

  10. How To get super top notch women to call you to star in your adult films

  11. How To advertise for adult film actresses.  (The wrong way could get you in legal trouble)

  12. Step by Step guide to starting and making adult movies and content

  13. Exclusive video library of attorneys and legal experts explaining adult industry laws

  14. Every legal form you need to make your adult movie

  15. Discounts on legal services from licensed attorneys

  16. Instant Video Manual


  18. Monthly insider newsletter

  19. Legal questions bulletin boards for legal help and your everyday legal issues.

  20. Chat with actual adult industry attorneys

  21. the 27 best, tested, proven, easiest to use ways to safely start, promote and run your adult film business

  22. and much, much more


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